Why is Custom Millwork important to you?

Not everyone chooses to include custom millwork. However, this level of detail can make a significant difference when building or renovating a luxury home, or any property for that matter. Here is our list of the 7 things you should know when considering Custom Millwork.

You Must Know These 5 Things When Building a Luxury Home

Building a luxury home is a huge project that should be given to a professional with a proven track record. But just because you’ve decided to hire a team of experienced craftsmen to bring your dream home to life doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some good context for how to see things through successfully.

Why the Home You Build is a Part of Your Legacy

In our luxury home building business at Escobedo Group, we work with titans of industry, social changemakers, and entrepreneurs at every level. Many started as solopreneurs, went on to build great enterprise empires, and now are thinking about their legacy. How will you be remembered by family and friends?

Why Building a Luxury Home is a Time Trap

It’s no secret that to get the home you’ve always dreamed of takes a little creativity, customization, and proper project management. There’s a reason that so many homeowners complain about the home-building process—for most, it’s not a great experience.

The Right Way to Build a Luxury Ranch Home in a Remote Location

Water and land conservation regulations, zoning, and proper utility access are only a few of the many things that must be considered when assessing a remote Texas location for a ranch home or luxury build. Rural locations can be an absolutely beautiful place to call home, surrounded by nature, space, and serenity.

Everything You MUST Consider Before Breaking Ground on Your Luxury Home

As you start to make moves on making your dream home a reality, it’s important to understand some of the things which can go horribly wrong during the process. We never want to take the wind out of someone’s sails, but all too often we are contacted by distraught homeowners

Building for the Next 100 Years

A luxury home isn’t just a place to live or visit on vacation—it’s a time capsule. More and more research is showcasing that millennial families are shifting their priorities from “things” to “experiences” because they’ve recognized that salient moments in time really are priceless.

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