You Must Know These 5 Things When Building a Luxury Home

Building a luxury home is a huge project that should be given to a professional with a proven track record. But just because you’ve decided to hire a team of experienced craftsmen to bring your dream home to life doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some good context for how to see things through successfully.

When it comes to a luxury home build, we at Escobedo Group have identified a handful of items every homeowner should keep in mind as they build their dream home and team.

Your Design Blueprints Don’t Match Reality

Things look different in real life than they do on paper. That may seem obvious, but we’ve received too many frantic phone calls from homeowners who thought they wanted to be their own contractor, only to discover that as their blueprints took form, they had major problems.

Your luxury home is a sacred space where you’ll spend a great deal of time. It’s important that you’re working with a team who can effectively advise you on functionality at the macro and micro levels. Perhaps you’ve got the main flow of your home down, but what about all of the detail work?

When possible, make sure you’ve seen a visual representation of your plans in some kind of 3D modeling software so that you can feel assured that your space is livable in all the ways you expect.

An experienced design team will be able to perfectly advise you on every aspect of your home, so that you step into the completed project and feel that sense of ease—you’re home.

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Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Speed—You Can Have Both (but only when you do it the right way)

It is perfectly understandable that you want to get into your new home as quickly as possible. Perhaps you have a certain holiday in mind where you’d like the family to gather together in your new space.

These goals are fine to have, but make sure they’re realistic. Many less-experienced contractors will attempt to win your contract by under-bidding their more-experienced competition and enticing you with an expedited timeline (that they ultimately won’t be able to keep).

Do not fall for these tactics. There are plenty of legitimate ways to structure your home build to meet your deadlines, but you must be working with a luxury home builder with a proven track record for delivering quality and efficiency.

At Escobedo Group, we’ve created a revolutionary build process called the Dario Panelized System. This construction process allows us to bring much of the artisan detail work and construction of your luxury home out of the elements and inside our Texas facility.

The Dario Panelized System cuts builds times significantly compared to conventional construction and it offers clients significant savings on fixed costs due to expedited construction timelines.

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A Low Budget Upfront Can Become a HUGE Budget Upon Completion (don’t get duped)

Starting with a realistic budget that assures quality and efficient delivery will make everything in your luxury home build run more seamlessly.

It might be tempting to go with a contractor or builder who is promising a faster build for less money (and they may believe they have solid justification for why they can offer this lesser fee). Just know that many a homeowner have fallen victim to an inexperienced contractor stating a low-ball fee to grab their contract, only to have the project balloon out of control in every imaginable way.

Working with a seasoned luxury home builder and artisan will allow you to be proactive rather than reactive in your home build process. You want to feel cared for throughout your build, not anxiety-stricken for the extent of the project. The ease you’re seeking in your luxury home build is possible when you choose a seasoned craftsman and professional builder with a proven track record.

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Communication is Key (don’t let someone talk you out of being involved)

When it comes to your luxury home build, we want to take the Goldilocks Principle into account for proper communication. Your job is to hire a seasoned professional who can handle every aspect of your project in a way that leaves you feeling confident, uplifted, and secure.

This professional luxury home builder should maintain a level of communication with you that is not too much (after all, you hired them to handle the project), not too little (you should never feel anxiety because you don’t know what’s going on), but just right (you should have a sense of ease knowing that the project is moving according to plan).

When this perfect balance of communication between you and your builder is achieved, the project moves forward in a way that allows you to feel cared for and confident. You get to be involved, but can stand back with certainty while you watch the magic happen.

A great builder will be able to perfectly strike this communication balance.

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The #1 Thing in Real Estate is Always: Location! Location! Location!

All the design plans in the world can’t make the sun rise in the West. The natural elements of your homesite should be well-considered in your design plans. And if your existing homesite does not match the effect you’re looking to achieve, it’s worth considering moving locations.

Your choice of homesite is paramount to the safety, certainty, and beauty you experience living in the luxury home you’ll build there.

Have your windows been placed and designed to take into account the sun’s ecliptic?

Does the driveway or approach to your new luxury home match the exquisite design of the home itself?

Is your home an eyesore on the local terrain and scenery or does it perfectly blend into its surroundings as an addition to the landscape?

Properly weaving your new luxury home build into the homesite you’ve chosen is no easy task and only a seasoned professional will be able to do it in a way that feels seamless.

There are many small considerations within a luxury home build that stack up to make a house a home. At Escobedo Group, we understand that quality lives in the details and we pride ourselves in our ability to anticipate your needs with beautiful artisan work.

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