Why Building a Luxury Home is a Time Trap

(and how to avoid the biggest time sucks)

It’s no secret that to get the home you’ve always dreamed of takes a little creativity, customization, and proper project management.

There’s a reason that so many homeowners complain about the home-building process—for most, it’s not a great experience.


Because many home builders are rushing through the process, cutting corners where they can get away with it, and never fully getting on the same page with you, the homeowner.

This means that work when done improperly must be revisited and repaired—a major waste of time.

Every custom luxury home project is different. Any builder approaching the project with a pre-packaged or cookie-cutter approach is bound to run into issues down the line.

Unfortunately, this lack of attention to detail is all too common in the luxury home space. Builders are looking to maximize profit without always providing the artisan settings homeowners are looking for and expecting.

It’s important to work with a luxury home builder and project manager who understands your vision, first, and only then helps you design a custom plan and strategy to put it into place.

This is no easy feat and it requires that you work with someone who knows how to ask you the right questions.

When these questions are not asked and agreed upon early-on in your project it can result in massive time delays and frustrations as the project moves forward.

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You know what your dream home should look and feel like, but much of that will get lost in translation if you’re not working with a luxury home builder who is not only skilled as an artisan, but also deeply versed in the questions, language, and communication required to get it right the first time.

Every home site is going to have its own unique challenges. First and foremost is assessing the building code and gaining a deep understanding of what you can and cannot build on any given site.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending months developing architectural design plans, only to discover that the methods required to bring those plans to fruition are not feasible or allowed on your homesite.

At Escobedo Group, we’ve learned that just about any luxury design can be implemented and installed at any homesite, but only when there is a design team and project manager with intimate knowledge of varying building techniques and ways to achieve the desired design within the existing building code.

Once the luxury home building team you’re working with has the proper lay of the land and understands the limitations or allowances of the site building code, you can begin to assess the flow of the build and project.

Working with an experienced architect or design team is critical and it’s recommended that you build out a computer 3D model of your design before you break ground to make sure that the design on paper will result in a functional living space.

This may seem like common sense, but we’ve seen many a luxury home build, executed by less experienced builders, where doors opened into each other, hallways were too tight, and cabinet space lacked intuitive placement. Not to mention a complete lack of attention to detail.

The worst thing that could happen to you while building your luxury home is to have these small “annoyances” ruin the satisfaction of completing your dream home. It’s one thing to discover that you hired a builder who cut corners just to make a little extra money. However, having to spend the rest of your life in a home where a cabinet opens too close to the refrigerator, a pantry door limits access to the kitchen, or the masonry work is clearly off—these small defects in a build can cause years of frustration and resentment.

That frustration doesn’t end with poor placement of amenities or storage space. It can also arise from settling on materials that just aren’t up to par with the vision which lives in your mind.

Your dream home starts with the overall flow and design, but the real vision and execution lives in the artisan details throughout.

It’s easy to see the big picture when it’s drawn out on paper, but only once you’ve moved in and are living in a space do you begin to recognize the importance of detail.

At Escobedo Group, we pride ourselves in the artisan detail work we offer our high-end luxury home clients. It’s one of many reasons that homeowners choose our team over the competition.

The details of a luxury home build are what turns a “typical build” into an architectural masterpiece.

From materials, to stone-cutting; light fixtures to cabinetry; HVAC efficiency to window and light design—details are what set your build apart from all the others.

Find Out if Escobedo Group is the Right Fit for Your Project

Your dream home build should be just that—a dream from concept to creation to completion.

The luxury home build industry as a whole has unfortunately lost touch with carrying your dream across all phases of your project.

Luxury home build projects have become synonymous with frustration, delays, site pollution & disruption, and lapsed promises.

This takes your dream home project and taints it in a way that may still be with you many years after your home is completed.

We don’t want you to have to suffer through your home build. It’s why we do things differently at Escobedo Group and have the rave reviews to prove it.

Your luxury home build should be a luxury experience throughout the entire process. You should have someone who will properly interpret your needs, desires, and vision. That can only happen by working with a seasoned professional who is not only a home builder, but a craftsman; not just a designer, but an artisan.

You’ve thought about your dream home for a long time. Escobedo Group has the experience, expertise, and attention to detail to bring it to fruition in the most satisfying of ways.

We’d love to hear more about your vision and help make your dream home a reality.

Find Out if Escobedo Group is the Right Fit for Your Project

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