Why the Home You Build is a Part of Your Legacy

(and how to make sure you do it right)

In our luxury home building business at Escobedo Group, we work with titans of industry, social changemakers, and entrepreneurs at every level. Many started as solopreneurs, went on to build great enterprise empires, and now are thinking about their legacy.

How will you be remembered by family and friends?

Legacy is the story of one’s life—not just what you did, but how you did it. It’s about passing along something of yourself: lessons learned, inspiration, a memory that encourages.

Legacy is not dissimilar to legend. Only legends are stories about what you did—your personal journey with failure and ultimate success. Where legacy is about how you lived and the environments and space you created to foster and inspire that kind of living in others.

Your Home is Part of Your Legacy

For those who only wish to leave a legend behind, building your home in the right way may not feel important. But when we consider legacy, the home you build and who you’re remembered as are intimately connected.

Of course the sweeping success you’ve shared-in over the years will play out in the annals of time, but legacy actually lives more in the small details of your life, rather than the broad strokes.

Details are what separate the amateur from the professional, the hobbyist from the artisan. These details point to how you do things, rather than what you do.

For this reason, Escobedo Group takes details very seriously in every luxury home build.

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Some people are simply looking for a roof over their heads to comfortably spend the rest of their days. We’ve built plenty of homes of this nature and take pride in that work.

For those contemplating legacy, however, comfort alone is not enough—you’ll want to create a time capsule.

That’s because your home is part of your legacy, not just some building or structure.

Legacy is every meal you eat with family and friends.

Legacy is your entire family all under one roof for the holidays.

Legacy is how your children remember the way you organized your workshop.

Legacy is the detail paid to the light fixtures.

Legacy is the solace that sweeps over as your children step inside.

Legacy is the building materials you choose and their ability to last generations.

Legacy is timeless style and design.

Legacy is the confidence you have in your builder.

Legacy is your dream delivered on time.

Legacy is not learned in a textbook or taught in a classroom, it’s the culmination of millions of tiny decisions that point to a lifetime of integrity.

Craftsmanship is the same—wisdom that gets passed down from generation to generation.

You deserve a home that matches and reinforces the legacy you want to leave behind.

We’d love to bring your dream home to life.

Find Out if Escobedo Group is the Right Fit for Your Project

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