Everything You MUST Consider Before Breaking Ground on Your Luxury Home

Read This First: Everything You MUST Consider Before Breaking Ground on Your Luxury Home (Don’t Make This Mistake!)

As you start to make moves on making your dream home a reality, it’s important to understand some of the things which can go horribly wrong during the process.

We never want to take the wind out of someone’s sails, but all too often we are contacted by distraught homeowners who have run into many if not all of the following scenarios as their luxury home project unfolded (and unraveled, in many instances).

At Escobedo Group, we pride ourselves in working with a team of seasoned professionals who intimately understand every aspect of the luxury home building process.

We’ve even revolutionized the luxury home building process with our Dario Panelized System, which allows us to move much of the artisan detail work into our climate-controlled facility.

Every aspect of the luxury home build process has been put under a magnifying glass at Escobedo Group and we are constantly assessing where there are areas for improvement in design, quality, and efficiency.

Regardless of who you decide to use to champion your dream home into reality, it’s important to know what can go wrong, so you can properly hedge against an unpleasant process.

Your Contractor Must Have a Track-Record for Staying On Budget

It’s all too common in the luxury home build space for some free-wheeling contractor to come in and undercut all the competition just to get your attention and land the bid.

While these contractors talk a great game (and many are well-meaning), we’ve seen time and time again that these low-ball bids begin to balloon in size with additional fees, material costs, added project scope, and construction delays.

The most frustrating thing that can happen to your luxury home build project is to believe you’ve settled on a budget and timeline, only to find out that the budget continues to grow and the timeline is pushed out every 2-4 weeks.

This kind of budget and timeline tip-toe is the result of working with someone who either lacks experience or lacks integrity and should be avoided at all costs.

When working with a home builder or contractor, be sure to ask for references of projects which have been recently completed and ask these questions:

  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Was it completed within the outlined budget?
  • Were there promises made that were not fulfilled?

Asking these questions up front will save you a lot of grief and headache down the line.

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You’re Not Looking for a Home Builder, You’re Looking for a Craftsman

There’s a huge difference between how something looks on paper and what it ends up as in the final product.

It’s easy to mentally cut corners in the planning process when someone is making you promises that they can’t keep.

Many builders are going to try and steer the conversation to price because they feel like that’s their only angle for competing with truly passionate builders.

But here’s the thing: every missed detail or small mistake in your home build is going to cause annoyance and resentment for the rest of your life.

You have to live in what you end up building.

It’s terribly frustrating to move into your new “luxury” home, only to realize that so much of the detail work was botched or ignored altogether.

At Escobedo Group, we understand the value of stepping into your home and feeling a deep sense of peace, relief, safety, security, and overwhelming beauty.

The environment you live in needs to speak to you at an emotional or even spiritual level.

Your home should be your sanctuary.

That’s why we employ only the finest artisan craftsman and empower them with a construction process that allows them to excel in even the tiniest of details.

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You Aren’t the Contractor—That’s Why You Hired a Professional

An inexperienced builder or contractor may be so overwhelmed trying to keep to the unrealistic budget and timeframe that they’ve promised you that their attention will go solely to meeting the deadline.

That’s not a great position for the person in charge of your new home to be in.

And you’re going to be put in the position of having to step in as quality-assurance.

We’ve heard hundreds (if not thousands) of stories of homeowners having to take a luxury home build project into their own hands.

You might even be convinced that that’s what you want—to be involved at every level of the project.

Sure, you can skim the web and figure out all the ways to run your own project, but you’re going to miss something. It’s just a natural probability. Building a luxury home is a huge project and unless you’ve built hundreds of homes in your life, you’re statistically going to make a mistake.

We could tell you to make sure you look at for all of these things during your luxury home build:

  • Make sure you have the proper HVAC system for all seasons and space
  • Materials for every detail should be sourced before build
  • An architect needs to triple confirm flow of home (and that home has proper resell value)
  • Make sure a professional assesses footprint placement of home on lot
  • Use 3D modeling software to add design, color, and texture to your blueprints (design ideas may not seem so right once you’re viewing them in full color)
  • Consult an interior designer on your designs before you begin build
  • Make sure you have electrical outlets where you’ll need them
  • Plan your lighting before you start building
  • Make sure you’re allowing for the right detail work (this is what makes a house a home)

But you shouldn’t be the one in charge of monitoring all of these things.

The reason to hire an experienced artisan for your luxury home build is to feel taken care of throughout the entire project.

At no point should you feel so uneasy in the progress of your home build that the only option you feel you have is to step in and manage the project yourself.

At Escobedo Group, we have a proven track record for creating beautiful artisan homes that are unique and timeless in nature. The ease of our design systems and construction process means that you get to enjoy the full luxury home build, instead of wringing hands for months if not years.

Don’t just hire a contractor—commission an experienced craftsman.

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