The Right Way to Build a Luxury Ranch Home in a Remote Location

Water and land conservation regulations, zoning, and proper utility access are only a few of the many things that must be considered when assessing a remote location for a ranch home or luxury build.

Rural locations can be an absolutely beautiful place to call home, surrounded by nature, space, and serenity. However, rural and ranch home builds can add a new level of complexity to the luxury home build process.

Working with a seasoned builder with a proven track record for building on rural properties is key.

At Escobedo Group, we’ve made rural builds and luxury ranch homes with incredible detail and design possible with minimal site pollution and clutter in up to half the construction build time.

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Rural Properties Require Proper Material Delivery and Supply Management

In any remote location, it’s important to consider the supply chain of materials and the delivery schedule. The last thing you want is to have giant pallets of supplies and materials arriving too early, only to sit around in poor weather conditions, killing vegetation and cluttering your homesite.

It can also be difficult (especially in poor weather conditions) for multiple trucks to be moving in and out of your homesite. This negatively impacts dirt roads and can often lead to vehicles becoming stuck, homesite degradation, and delayed build times.

At Escobedo Group, we developed a unique system of construction we call the Dario Panelized System. This allows us to take your luxury ranch home design and build it out of the elements inside our facility in Buda, Texas.

By taking delivery of supplies in our warehouse, assembling all stone, steel, and millwork at our facility, and then delivering them to your homesite only when ready for install, we’re able to significantly reduce vehicle traffic into your homesite and minimize site clutter.

Find Out if Escobedo Group is the Right Fit for Your Project

Consider the Climate – Go Low & Long (with Broad Eaves)

Depending on the tree cover and location of your new luxury ranch home, climate needs to be a big consideration for your ranch build. Any style design can work with the right HVAC system controlling the interior climate of the home, but significant savings can be found when the design marries well with the exterior temperatures in any given season.

Most ranch home designs borrow from the old California style ranches which were built low and long, often with eaves that were broad and helped better control the interior temperature.

Roof construction and materials are also something that must be discussed beforehand with your builder to make sure best practices for energy and environmental efficiency are considered.

A seasoned professional with a track record of building beautiful ranch homes in rural settings will be able to provide you insight on all of these things and more. Your goal should be to take in design elements of traditional ranch home styles while marrying them with modern efficiencies and features.

Find Out if Escobedo Group is the Right Fit for Your Project

Zoning, Utilities, and Regulations

We don’t want to have to point out the obvious, but experience tells us that many homeowners, contractors, and builders aren’t always thinking about common sense items when it comes to assessing the full scope of their ranch home build.

A contractor or builder worth their salt is going to have an intimate understanding of the restrictions and allowances on your homesite. The worst possible scenario is to begin building only to find out that your homesite has been partitioned in a way which requires an easement, sits in a floodplain, or forbids certain types of construction without proper permitting.

Having a clear plan in place for how you’ll work within code at every level of the project before you break ground is one of the main reasons to work with an experienced professional. Local municipalities have their own set of rules and knowing how to play well within these guidelines is a must for a successful project.

These regulations and restrictions can directly impact where you place the footprint of your home, how you access utilities or where you place septic systems, whether you’re allowed to dig a well, and methods for receiving electrical supply.

Many contractors do not pay zoning laws and regulations enough respect in an attempt to move more quickly. But having a city official shut your project down completely because of negligence on the part of the team you’ve hired can be devastating.

You can avoid these frustrations altogether by hiring the right luxury home builder from the start. At Escobedo Group, we’ve successfully navigated projects of every scope and terrain. We have a deep understanding of how to properly assess your site, work within the set zoning laws and regulations, then take the complexity of the project and communicate it to you in an easily digestible manner.

Your ranch home build should be free of bureaucratic headaches and construction delays. Working with an experienced professional will give you the peace of mind and level of care that you deserve.

Find Out if Escobedo Group is the Right Fit for Your Project

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