Why Building a Luxury Home is a Time Trap

It’s no secret that to get the home you’ve always dreamed of takes a little creativity, customization, and proper project management. There’s a reason that so many homeowners complain about the home-building process—for most, it’s not a great experience.

The Right Way to Build a Luxury Ranch Home in a Remote Location

Water and land conservation regulations, zoning, and proper utility access are only a few of the many things that must be considered when assessing a remote Texas location for a ranch home or luxury build. Rural locations can be an absolutely beautiful place to call home, surrounded by nature, space, and serenity.

Building for the Next 100 Years

A luxury home isn’t just a place to live or visit on vacation—it’s a time capsule. More and more research is showcasing that millennial families are shifting their priorities from “things” to “experiences” because they’ve recognized that salient moments in time really are priceless.