Mayan Estate

The Mayan Estate is a multi-level home with a stunning cantilevered stone staircase, stone vaulted ceilings, and load-bearing limestone walls with intricate hand-cut patterns. Mayan craftsmanship and details are featured throughout the estate, including Texas granite quarry cylinders stacked to form columns that precisely fill a room with sunlight during the winter and summer solstices and equinox.

Constructed of concrete, structural steel, and solid limestone blocks and columns, the Mayan Estate truly has no equal. Long imperial like halls with striking columns, or stone vaulted ceilings and polished stone floors stretch between luxurious interiors. Small and large details—including stone archways and flowing pool ravines—transport the visitor to another time and place. The lavish interiors feature Mesquite wood flooring, plaster and stone walls, true Rumford fireplaces, custom forged handrails and a concrete bathtub.

Performed the following specialty work:

Load-Bearing Masonry | Cantilevered Stone Staircase | Stone Vaulted Ceilings | Concrete Bathtub

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