Austin in Stereo

Here at Escobedo Group, our fabrication capabilities for structural and architectural detail continue to exceed expectations. From the uber cool brass & steel stairway that weaves together the three-storied structure – to the complex intricate fluted millwork that bookends the home, not just from left to right, but from top to bottom as well. Our high standard of quality, synonymous with our builds, can be seen throughout the entirety of this home, and we are proud to have our name associated with this project.

This collaborative project, with Fern Santini, Paul Lamb, Shade Maker Studio, and Escobedo Group, is the complete transformation of this stunning home situated in the heart of Austin. This standout edifice, beats to its own drum amongst the oak tree inhabitants, all while toasting its views of the lake from its 3rd floor terrace.

Escobedo Group Performed the following specialty work:

General Contractor | Structural Steel – Erected by Escobedo Cranes | Ornamental Brass | Brass & Steel Stairway Fabrication & Installation | Brass & Glass Bars | Millwork & Cabinetry | Cabinetry Paint Finishes Throughout

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